Santa Sacks Guidelines - PLEASE READ FIRST

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Santa Sacks Guidelines - PLEASE READ FIRST

Post by Jbaers on Sun Jun 25, 2017 3:36 am

Please feel free to hang your Santa Sack here
so others can leave you gifts and messages.

Santa Sacks will be left open for collection for one week after the event ends
so please ensure you remember to pop in and collect your gifts

This event runs from 16th - 22nd July and is open to members and guests

Guests please note:  
Quick reply is not available to guests, please use the "post reply" button
You will need to enter a Username and complete a captcha to post

Please start a new thread, title it  "Your name" Santa Sack

Below are a couple of tags for you to use to pretty up your sack 
or you could create your own if you wish.  
Save to your computer and add your name to the blanks or use as they are


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