TIPS & Huggles - What are they ?

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TIPS & Huggles - What are they ? Empty TIPS & Huggles - What are they ?

Post by Mizteeque on Wed Feb 03, 2016 12:57 am

What are TIPS?

Taggers Inn Pennies - TIPS 
are the groups virtual money

What are they for?

Purchasing forum exclusives and Tag Auctions

How do I get them?

Quite simply by participating in the forum
Below is a list of how to earn TIPS

TIPS will be added automatically for the following

Posting - for every post made 1 TIP 
Voting - every vote earns 5 TIPS but you must post in the vote thread
Daily Trivia - 5 TIPS per day played, but only if results are posted in the thread 
Who's Cruising - 3 TIPS

TIPS will be added weekly, manually by admin for the following

Weekly Challenges
The first post in each weekly challenge will tell you how many TIPS
you can earn by participating in that challenge. 

There will be other opportunities to earn TIPS during our special events
and on occasion extra TIPS will be thrown out there for various staff challenges



What are ♥Huggles♥ ?

 ♥Huggles♥ are our way of saying a little extra thanks, like reputation or sassiness or Love
At the top right of every post you will see a + and _ sign 
(you wont see this on your own posts)

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Click the + sign to leave someone a ♥Huggle♥

You can check how many ♥Huggles♥ you have been given by looking under your avatar in any post you have made.

Please Note:  clicking GIVES huggles, it does NOT change your huggles amount, 
that only changes when someone else gives you a huggle


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