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Sig Rules

Post by Mizteeque on Sat Oct 04, 2014 10:31 am

We love large tags at Taggers Inn, 

but not so large that they distort the board, and not so many that you are 
scrolling forever to get to the next post, so im afraid we do need to have some limits
These limits are to make the forum comfortable for all to use

Sigs - no larger than 700 px on the longest side please

You are permitted : 

1 sig tag & 1 banner (so you can use your 3 piece sets)


1 sig tag  & upto 3 lines of text


1 sig tag & 1 linkable blinkie (to your blog or tut site - No advertising other groups please)


upto 3 lines of text & 1 linkable blinkie (to your blog or tut site - No advertising other groups please)

In short no more than two items in the sig area please
Non compliance will see your sig area altered to comply without notification

All signatures are to be posted in your profile and NOT in the body of individual posts made.
This obviously does not apply to tags made for other members from challenges or gifts, they
of course are to be posted in the normal way.  
It is the signature tags that you have made or have been made for you that you wish
to show off, which must be entered into your profile and will show beneath the divider
line of posts.

You can read how to add a signature to your profile HERE

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