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Rules - please read first

Post by admin on Fri Mar 27, 2015 10:13 pm

This is an English speaking forum, please use a translator if English is not your first language
Este es un foro de habla Inglés , por favor utilice un traductor si el Inglés no es su lengua materna
Este é um fórum de falar Inglês, por favor, use um tradutor se o Inglês não é sua primeira língua
Dies ist ein englischsprachiger Forum , benutzen Sie bitte einen Übersetzer , wenn Englisch nicht Ihre Muttersprache
Ce est un forum anglophone , se il vous plaît utiliser un traducteur si l'anglais ne est pas votre langue maternelle

Welcome to Taggers Inn!

The rules here are simple
No need to sign to acknowledge you have read them
We trust in the fact that we are all adults here

No drama whatsoever, either on the boards, or via private message
if you have a problem, PM a staff member and we will deal with it to the best of our abilities.

This is a copyright compliant forum
Please ensure all works have the correct copyright on them
If something is spotted without copyright DO NOT write on the boards about it or
PM the member yourself,  please PM staff and they will deal with it
This saves any hard feelings or upset amongst the members.

NO celebrity images - Sorry but its too much of a minefield  as far as copyright is concerned
drawn/painted tubes of celebrities by artists are permissible, for example the Garv tube of Gwen Stefani, the Arthur Crowe tube of Robin Williams, and such like are allowed

Absolutely no porn of any description will be tolerated
Your sexy tags and tubes are fine, we are not prudes, but we do not wish to see the
inner workings of male/female genitalia and we're sure you dont either.


This is a NO LURKER zone!

No one is expected to be here 24/7 but we do expect some form of activity
why join if you do not intend to be active?  all we ask is you post at least once a week 

You must post within 7 days of account activation
if you do not post your account will be deleted without notification

Member sweeps are performed at the discretion of admin, 
there is no hard and fast schedule
this eliminates serial lurkers who only post when a sweep it due.

if there is no activity on your account for one month, it will be deactivated without notice
if your account is deactivated and you wish to rejoin when you are able to
participate more, please feel free, you will always be welcome.

If you have registered and been swept more than three times either for not
coming in within 7 days of activation or for non participation
you will not be accepted a 4th time so please bear this in mind when going MIA
If you are going to be away for a while then please pop a note in the 
MIA thread so you don't get swept.  Sometimes things happen unexpectedly, 
we understand that but we are sure everyone can find 5 minutes in a month
to pop in and post in the MIA thread.
What counts as activity?  -  Posting in the dailies, welcome, good morning, games & challenges.


You are more than welcome to join but please note the activity rule above

We are a tagging group not a request group
we welcome snaggers but we do expect participation in our
non taggers games and daily threads

Snaggers please do not use Yahoo, Yuku or any other request groups 
to have tags made for the members of this group.
If you wish to be able to gift members with tags you will need to learn
to use a graphics program and make the tags yourself

New Members

YOU MUST READ the FAQ posts before asking questions
most of them have been asked before and will be answered in there.
We have spent a lot of time and effort writing these FAQ's for you, 
please do not ignore them.  If a question is asked that has already been
covered in the FAQ it will be ignored and deleted.
if your question is not covered then of course please feel free to post
or PM a staff member.

Restricted areas

There are areas of the forum new members cannot access until they have
reached a certain number of posts.

You will be granted automatic access to
Forum Exclusives/ WWO boards/Always Lists
as soon as you reach 50 posts

Chat Box

The chat box is for general chit chat, please do not post problems in it
if you have an issue with the forum, or a question that isn't covered in the FAQ
please drop a PM to a member of staff, or post in the chat board.

A Note from Admin

The forum runs on UK time
Please realise that we are all in different parts of the world, be aware of the time difference
if you have a problem please send a PM to staff and you will answered as soon as possible,

please be patient


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