Having Trouble Logging In ??

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Having Trouble Logging In ??

Post by admin on Fri Mar 27, 2015 10:12 pm

Having trouble logging in ?

Firstly have your registered for an account?

1. Are you a newly registered member?  
New accounts are usually activated within 24 hours, but please wait at least 48 hours
before contacting us.
If its been less than 48 hours please keep checking your emails for your account activation email
If its been more than 48 hours please email us using the contact link HERE.

2.  Are you using incorrect username and/or password
Ensure your caps lock is not on
Try the password reset link

3.  If you are a previously registered member and the password reset does not work
its probably because you were inactive and were swept.
Please feel free to re register if/when you are able to participate in compliance with the rules.

If you have registered and been swept more than three times for non participation 
you will not be accepted a 4th time.  All IP addresses are recorded so using a different
username/email address will make no difference.  We only ask you pop in once a week
so its really not hard to keep your account "active"

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